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1. What does beard oil do?

See Jack's article here.

2. How do I apply my solid cologne / solid perfume?

Scratch out a pea sized amount with the back of your fingernail. Wipe it on to the opposite wrist, rub your wrists together, then rub your wrists behind your ears.

3. How long does the fragrance last?

All day! Our perfumes and colognes are oil-based and do not contain alcohol. This means longer lasting fragrance when compared with a traditional perfume.

4. How long does a container of product last?

Depending on the amount you apply (and how often), with average use we estimate each product lasts at least 6 weeks.

5. Does the product go off?

Under most conditions, the product will last at least 12 months.

6. Do you use any preservatives in your products?

No. All our products are natural and preservative free.

7. Why is shipping on your sample packs higher than your standard rate?

It ain’t just the stamps.

There’s the box, the packaging, the time it takes to put it all together. And the highlight of our day (not!) – the trip to the post office.

When we send out an order with our standard $4.95 shipping, we are effectively splitting the cost with you. We choose to do this because we know you hate paying nearly $10 for shipping on a $19 product, and we do not want Australia Post to come between you and the chance to enjoy our products!

We do have to treat our sample packs slightly differently though.  

We want to allow people who have not had the opportunity to try our products in person to try them at home. Which is why we are not charging for these.

Not only that, we are currently also including a free lip balm which is valued at $9.95 alone.

The packs cost us money to make, assemble and post. So in this situation, we simply cannot afford to split the postage and handling costs as well.

We believe you will not be disappointed once given the opportunity to sample our products!

And we hope you will feel that paying the $8.95 for postage and handling is not asking too much. :)