Our Story

Legendary Aussie is a husband and wife team based in Hidden Valley, Victoria. We made the move to the valley in 2016 having decided we had grown tired of the noise and frantic pace of inner city life.


As you can see, not a bad a place to be! We have found the relaxed and slower paced lifestyle to be beneficial on many levels, including our general health and wellbeing.

All our products are hand made at our premises here. We designed all our own branding, and launched the products at various markets around Melbourne and country Victoria in 2018.



Legendary Aussie has grown from a desire to have a lifestyle business that allowed for flexible work hours, and more time to spend with family and friends. So far, so good...

We share our home with our retired greyhound, George.


George is an ex-racer we adopted, and is the only family member with career prize money. :) He is the first greyhound we have had, and expect he won't be the last! These dogs are unique and a joy to have as a pet, and we hope to spread the word about greyhound adoption so that more people may consider one.

You can keep up with Georgie's adventures, plus see more of our amazing valley home including the kangaroos and parrots that visit us on our Instagram feed.

We aim to continue growing Legendary Aussie, and want to encourage others to consider a shift to the rewarding adventure of starting your own micro business.

Amanda & Ben