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  • Does Your Beard Filter UV Rays?

    So you’ve grown out your beard for that extra winter warmth.

    Footy finals are nearly here, which means the warmer weather is on the way.

    You may have been thinking about getting rid of it for summer, but wait!

    Read on to discover some benefits you keeping it through the warmer months may not be aware of….

  • 3 Styling Tips For Your Beard

    You’re growing out your beard, and it’s staring to come in nicely.

    Now what?

    You could just let it go nuts until you look like Costa from Gardening Australia.

    Or, you could style it!

    In today’s post we look at 3 tips to get your scruff looking the goods.

  • 4 Tips For Growing Your Winter Beard

    Growing out your beard for winter?

    That extra facial hair can come in handy when the cold sets in, providing you with some extra warmth.

    But you also want it to look good!

    Here are some tips to get the best results.

  • Meet Junior...

    He's the newest member of the Legendary Aussie family.

    But don't let that angelic face fool you!

    He's trouble...

  • 3 Ways To Prevent Beard Burn

    Beard burn, pash rash, ‘stache rash – call it what you will.

    Beard burn is a form of contact dermatitis caused by your facial hair rubbing on your partner’s skin, leaving it irritated and scratched.

    So how do you prevent it?

  • Does Shaving Promote Hair Growth?

    You may have heard, at some point, that shaving leads to a fuller and thicker hair growth.

    Is this true?

  • How To Stop Beard Itch

    Is your beard itchier than that daggy sweater your grandma knitted you when you were 12?

    Dealing with an itchy beard is about as much fun as stacking wood.

    Read on to discover some ways you can put a stop to beard itch.

  • 4 Foods For Better Beard Growth

    Wondering what you should be eating to maximise your chances of growing a full, lush beard?

    Here are 4 foods you can easily add to your diet that are immensely effective in facilitating beard growth.

  • 3 Alternative Uses For Beard Oil

    Only using our beard oil in your beard?

    Here are 3 other ways you can put this product to good use!

  • 5 Ways Beard Oil Can Transform Your Beard

    Ever wondered what all the fuss is about beard oil?

    Here are 5 ways using some beard oil can transform your beard.

  • 4 Tips For Better Beard Growth

    Want to level up your beard for the new year?

    Here are 4 tips to improve your beard growth.

  • Why Choose Us This Christmas?

    Here are 7 reasons to go Legendary Aussie this Christmas!