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  • 3 Reasons To Look After Your Beard

    Brad Pitt may be able to get away with the 'hair ferret found cleaning the shower drain beard' 😆 but can you? 🤔 Here are 3 reasons to start looking after your beard.
  • Have You Got Beardruff?

    Dandruff in your beard. It's about as welcome as a fart in a space suit. 😕 It's unsightly and makes your beard more itchy than a naked toddler on ...
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    Is growing a beard as simple as putting your razor away? Not quite...
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    How Mark's 2 Year Search For A Beard Care Product Ended With Legendary Aussie...
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    Castor oil is great for encouraging beard growth. Why does it work?
  • Did Ned Kelly Use Beard Oil?

    Ned Kelly's beard is one of the most recognisable in Aussie history. Did he use a beard oil?
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    Should you switch to a solid cologne? Here are 5 great reasons to give it a try.
  • What Does Beard Oil Do For You?

    Why use beard oil? Discover all the benefits for you and your beard.
  • Growing A Beard - Job Done!

    Here it is! The finished product...
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    Is that it? Everything seems to be fine...
  • Growing A Beard Day 8 - I'm Old, Apparently

    What colour is this beard going to be? Two-toned at best...
  • Growing A Beard Day 7 - No News Is Good News?

    No complaints so far. Face feels a little bit different, but that's it.