Birth Of The Legends

They are from a simpler time.

A time when phones were big, heavy and attached to the wall.

A time when a camera was used to photograph someone else.

A time when carbon footprints were only created by stepping on carbon paper.

A time when going viral meant a trip to the doctor.

And they are from the land known as down under.  Where women glow and men chunder. Well, at least according to Men At Work. But I digress…

They are the Legendary Aussies.

And they are here to invite you to try their range of hand made, natural skin care and fragrant products.

Products made they way they like them – by honest, hard-working Aussie small business folk using uniquely Australian, natural ingredients.


People who have tried the Legend’s stuff have reported the products are very gentle on sensitive skin, have helped relieve minor skin irritations associated with mass-produced products, and smell fabulous.

So fabulous that some famous Aussies have whispered to those ‘in the know’ that Legendary Aussie put them on the track to stardom.

A struggling actor named Hugh Man changed his last name to Jackman after using Jack’s beard oil…

Aussie poet Banjo Patterson was working on a song called “Waiting For My Billy To Boil” before his wife came home wearing Matilda’s perfume. That song became known as “Waltzing Matilda”…

Buying from Legendary Aussie supports Australian businesses.

Our recyclable / reusable packaging and vegan oils help look after the Aussie flora and fauna.

And who knows?

You may just become an Aussie legend too…

Why Buy From Legendary Aussie? 

* We make all the products ourselves at our base in Victoria.
* We do not use preservatives or other additives.
* Our perfume oils and beard oils are vegan friendly (Note! 'solid' products contain bees wax).
* Our products are oil based (not alcohol based), meaning they moisturise your skin instead of drying it out.
* Our products  give a longer lasting and more consistent fragrance.
* Best of all we sell direct which allows us to provide you with a premium product at a non-premium price.
We invite you to try them for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!