5 Reasons To Give Beard Oil A Bash



So ya wonderin' what all the fuss is about beard oil? Let Big Jack set ya straight.

1. Got skin under ya beard like 5 miles of unmade road? It’ll fix it.

Our beard oil has sweet almond oil and avocado oil. This stuff softens and treats dry or damaged skin.

2. Is ya face itchin’ like Bigfoot wearin’ pantyhouse? It’ll sooth and moisturize it.

You’ll also find apricot kernel oil and jojoba oil in there. Both are soothin’ on ya skin, and will moisturize it too.

3. Is ya beard patchy like ya girlfriend’s last spray tan? It’ll give it a faster and more even growth.

The castor oil (another ingredient) contains lots of vitamin E. Vitamin E is good for stimulating ya hair follicles. This helps reduce patches of slow growth and can speed things up for ya.

4. Is ya beard about as tidy as a teenager’s bedroom? It’ll condition it.

Argan oil makes our beard oil like a leave in conditioner for your beard. Softens the hair, makes it less wiry, and gives ya beard a tidier look and shine.

5. Does ya beard smell like a fertiliser factory on a sunny afternoon? It'll make it smell good.

Trust Big Jack. Ya want ya beard to smell good. Folks like it when ya smell good.
So there ya have it. 5 damn good reasons to use beard oil. Give some a try and thank me later.