You’ve just broken your leg.

You’re lying on the ground, writhing in agony. 🤬

Your mate looks down at you and says “chin up mate. I know a guy who lost a leg, so it could be worse.”

He means well, but seriously… 🙄

The World Record Nobody Wants

You may have heard or read about Victoria setting the world record for longest lockdown. 🥇

Like us, you may be living through it.

We’ve now had more lockdowns than there are Rocky 🥊 movies, and there’s no end in sight.

For Legendary Aussie 🇦🇺, covid has meant we have lost a significant part of our business, namely the street markets and events where the business was born, and which were our bread and butter.

Thank YOU!

It’s been sink or swim with the move to online, and we are humbled by the support we’ve received and the loyal customers we’ve found. 🙏

If you’ve purchased from us, you’ve played a part in keeping us going, and we’re eternally grateful! 👊

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have at least had the option of ‘having a go’ at selling online.

Not Everyone Is So Lucky

For many of our fellow stallholders from the pre-covid days, online simply is not an option. 😔

They have lost their businesses, many of which had taken years to establish.

Sure, markets will start up again when they can.

But as we know from first-hand experience, many of these markets are tourist-driven, so are unlikely to get back to ‘normal’ for years to come.

Something that has dismayed us is a noticeable lack of empathy for people severely affected by these lockdowns.

Politicians, media and even people we run into in our neighbourhood just don’t seem to have stopped to consider that while they may be doing ok in the circumstances, not everybody is.

Get In Touch

So with RUOK day around the corner, if you have friends or family in Victoria or New South Wales (in particular!) give ‘em a buzz. ☎️

Listen to what they have to say. 👂

Let them vent. 

But please don’t tell them about your one-legged mate. It’s not gonna help!

And if you're not doing that great yourself, speak to someone.

Call your mate, your family, anyone you can think of that can listen and give you that sympathetic ear.

It can make all the difference. 👍

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