Day 0 - So I'm Growing A Beard. Will Legendary Aussie Beard Oil Help Me Go The Distance?

I’ve never had a beard. Never really wanted one. I’m not sure I want one now. :)

But we’ve been getting great feedback on our beard care products from customers, other family members, and friends.

Feedback I’m only too happy to pass on to other prospective customers, but I’ve been curious to find out for myself how well this beard stuff actually works.

So what’s been stopping me?

Ironically enough, my wife has. And she makes the products!

Despite having researched the subject and coming up with the Legendary Aussie blends, she has never been that keen for me to grow a beard.

But in the name of being able to better inform our customers, I’ve finally managed to talk her in to letting me have a crack at growing one.

My Skin Type:

This is where I may run into trouble, and this experiment may end up being short-lived.

I would describe the default state of my skin as itchy, dry, flaky and irritated.

If I don’t moisturize every day, my face starts to fall off.

I’m talking flakes of dry skin on my clothes, red blotches on my skin – it really is a shit show.

If I’m tired, 10x all the above. So my usual routine is to shave every other day, and moisturize every day. Any break in this routine is usually armageddon for my face.

Let's see what happens!

Day 0:

It’s on like Donkey Kong.

Here is the last clean-shaven version of me for the time being (notice the dry skin!). I will do my best to describe each day’s routine and how my face is feeling.

Beard Care Guide Day 0

What I'm Using To Start With:

Beard Oil: Legendary Aussie 'Jimmy'

Jimmy Beard Oil

The Jack beard oil is actually my favourite of the Legendary Aussie fragrances, but we had an already opened 'Jimmy' beard oil in the house, so I'll start with this. 

The Legendary Aussie beard oils my wife came up with have a number of natural oils that should help my skin.

I've noticed when I've been demonstrating the oils at markets (and ended up with quite a bit on my face), my skin feels noticeably softer the next day.

So it will be interesting to see how much they help with the itchiness I'm expecting to experience.

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