Growing A Beard Day 1 - So Far, So Good. Will The Good Times Last?

I usually shave after I shower. Last night, instead, I massaged some ‘Jimmy’ beard oil into my so-far-hardly-noticeable growth.

The fragrance is very pleasant; not overpowering by any means, and a bit lighter than our ‘Jack’ aftershave fragrance I have been using.

I had not used aftershave (or any other fragrant product outside of deodorant) for as long as I can remember before Amanda started experimenting.

I have always found ‘traditional’ aftershave and cologne fragrances too strong, even on other people. Many perfume and cologne fragrances also give me an instant mild headache.

The aftershaves, colognes and beard oil that Amanda makes do not do this at all.

I would describe them as more smooth or gentle when compared to the odd cologne or aftershave that was gifted to me by some well-meaning friend or relative (only for me to sit it on the shelf and never wear!)

Normally if I skip a shave, my face is very itchy - especially the next day.

Very pleased to report I had an itch-free day. :)

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