5 Benefits Of Solid Cologne

#1 It’s not overpowering

You know how when someone smells like they just bathed in their cologne and getting too close is like getting punched in the face by fragrance?

Solid cologne has a smoother, more even fragrance that wafts gently – more like a soft breeze on a summer’s day.

#2 Fragrance is long lasting

There’s no alcohol to evaporate the fragrance away.

The wax and oil melt into your skin and continue to produce fragrance for most of the day.

#3 It’s convenient

The tin is compact, lightweight and unbreakable. This makes it ideal for travel, and it is allowed in carry-on luggage.

Put it in your gym bag, carry it in your pocket and top up on the go.

Easily re-apply it without blasting anyone around you with a mist of fragrance.

#4 It’s good for your skin

Our solid cologne is preservative and alcohol free. It’s great for sensitive skin.

The jojoba oil and bees wax will help moisturize your skin instead of drying it out like a traditional cologne.

#5 Use it as a beard balm

Got a beard?

Smash some in there and the jojoba oil will help condition your beard hair and skin underneath. Plus it will smell amazing!

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