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6 Ways Switching To Perfume Oil May Improve Your Life

Hello everyone, I’m Zoe. I’ve been asked to tell you why switching to an oil perfume may be good for you.

I apologise in advance – I just broke up with my boyfriend, so I’m not feeling the best. The Legends insisted I should write this for you to help take my mind off things, so here goes…


1. Longer Lasting Fragrance

You want your fragrance to last longer than my ex-boyfriend could. :)

 Oil based perfume sits on your skin, and there is no alcohol to evaporate the fragrance away. This means longer lasting fragrance.


2. Better For Your Skin

Alcohol based traditional perfume tends to dry your skin out. Oil based perfume actually nourishes and moisturises your skin.

 Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against alcohol. My ex-boyfriend asked me to get something to make him look sexy, so I got drunk…


3. More Consistent Fragrance

You know how when you first spray your perfume on it’s a bit harsh? 

Oil perfume fragrance doesn’t do this. It is more even, and does not need to settle on your skin. The fragrance does not change after you have applied it.


4. All Natural Ingredients

Many mass produced, traditional perfumes contain preservatives like parabens.  

I dated a paraben once. A guy called Ben, who turned out to be an alcoholic. See what I did there? :)

While parabens may improve shelf life, they are not necessarily great for you and your skin!  

Oil based perfumes are made from completely natural ingredients, and do not contain any preservatives or other additives.


5. Vegan Friendly

The natural oils are all plant based, so no animal products are used.


6. You Put It Where You Want It

You roll your oil perfume directly onto your pulse points, so no more spraying perfume all over your clothes, all over the room and / or all over the person behind you! This also means it is easy to re-apply your perfume throughout the day, even in public.


 So there you go. Sorry for being a little distracted, its been one of those weeks. But I don’t need bail money and there is no body count so it could have been worse!

Yours truly,