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  • Skin Cancer: Have You Been Checked?

    I’m very sun smart, and HATE getting sunburnt.

    My back has not seen the sun in many years, so when my wife mentioned a suspicious looking mole, I told her not to worry.

    Turns out I should have listened to her concern...

  • Do Women Prefer Men With Beards?

    Chris Hemsworth, Jason Momoa, George Clooney, David Beckham and the great Sean Connery back in the day rock facial hair and leave females of all ages hotter than the hinges on hell’s gates.

    Now the science is in: women find facial hair more attractive.

  • World Mental Health Day

    Our goal, and the reason we started Legendary Aussie, was to provide natural Aussie made grooming products that help you feel better about yours...
  • Can Lifestyle Help Beard Growth?

    Following on from our earlier article on diet, today we look at lifestyle and what aspects may have an affect on your beard growth.
  • Getting Punched In The Face Alot?

    We may have some good news for you!
  • 5 Benefits Of Using Beard Oil

    Our beard oil improves the look, feel and fragrance of your beard.

    But we think the greatest benefit of using our beard oil is more important than what it does to your beard.
  • 3 Myths About Greyhounds As Pets

    Considering getting a dog? A greyhound may be a better option than you think.

    If you've joined our mailing list or ordered from us, you've 'met' George our retired greyound.   

    Here are 3 common myths about having a greyhound as a pet.

  • Why Did We Decide To Add Gold To Our Beard Oil?

    It's an interesting story involving an itchy beard, a helpful neighbour and the good old days of Melbourne street markets...
  • Does Your Diet Affect Beard Growth?

    Can your diet improve your beard growth?

    The short answer is yes.

    But what foods should you be eating and why?

  • Are You A Negative Thinker?

    Here is a 3 step technique to help you break the habit of thinking negatively.
  • 3 Storage Tips For Your Natural Beard Oil

    How should you store your beard oil to make sure it retains as much of its natural goodness as possible?
  • RUOK?

    You’ve just broken your leg.

    You’re lying on the ground, writhing in agony.

    Your mate looks down at you and says “chin up mate. I know a guy who lost a leg, so it could be worse.”

    He means well, but seriously…