Growing A Beard Day 5 - Some Unexpected Developments...

I'm still, surprisingly, finding my face is not itching badly at all. Excellent news.

But I was noticing some flaky skin appearing on a couple of the woollen jumpers I wear.

As you can see in the photo, my face was not the culprit - the Jimmy beard oil is working a treat.

The collar on these jumpers sticks up to help keep your neck warm. The collar is rubbing the beard hair at the sides of my neck, leaving some noticeable red patches and causing the flaky skin.

I had not been putting any beard oil back there, I had been focusing on my face. 

If I hadn't been wearing these jumpers it may have not been a problem, but I will now start applying some beard oil there as well and see if it clears up.

Amanda also asked me what style I was going to go with for my beard, pointing out some beards finish around the chin leaving the neck still clean shaven.

I hadn't given this any thought at all. I just stopped shaving, thinking that was all you needed to do.

Looks like I have some research to do on beard styles...

growing a beard day 5

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