Growing A Beard Day 3 - Too Good To Be True?

Itch free day!

I’m a little bit surprised.

I’ve been massaging in about 3 – 4 drops of the Jimmy beard oil, and it seems to be doing the trick as far as preventing itchiness.

The beard oil also appears to be preventing any flaky skin which I definitely would normally be experiencing by now.

My face does definitely feel different, though.

There’s what I would describe as a slightly warm sensation, but nothing to complain about.

I do have a complaint, however.

I’m seeing quite a few white (grey!) hairs. I remember Billy Connolly warning me about grey pubic hairs, which so far has not happened. But my face may be a different story!

So I may be looking down the barrel of a two-tone beard arrangement.

Going to be interesting to see how it pans out!

growing a beard day 3

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