Beard Oil Or Beard Balm?

Which one should you choose?

Or do you need both?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of them for you and your beard.

Beard Oil

It’s not only good for your beard hair, it’s also good for the skin underneath.

This is important for…

For Growth

When you’re growing your beard, having healthy skin allows for a faster, more even growth.

We use castor oil in our beard oil which is high in vitamin E.

Vitamin E is great for your skin, and helps stimulate your hair follicles which gives you a fuller growth.

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For Irritation

Having healthy skin also helps reduce beard itch and beardruff (dandruff but in your beard – you can read about it here).

If you have particularly sensitive skin and/or are experiencing patchy or slow growth, you may want to check out our gold beard oil.

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For Overall Beard Health

The natural oils we use condition your beard hair, add shine and fragrance.

Use it daily out of the shower, and the result is a healthy looking and feeling beard that smells great.

Beard Balm

Our solid cologne doubles as a beard balm.

When should you consider using it instead of the beard oil?

Topping Up

You shower in the evening, and you want to top up before you head out the next day.

You shower in the morning, and you’re heading out after work, so you want to top up.

The beard oil performs best when your pores are open (out of the shower), so you can use the balm at these other times.

The jojoba oil in it will help condition your beard and skin, and you also get the great fragrance.

Travel And On The Go

If you’re heading to the gym and want to top up on the go, you may not want to carry your beard oil bottle with you. It could break or leak in your bag.

Take the balm instead.

It’s lightweight, unbreakable and doesn’t leak.

This also makes it ideal for travel, and is even allowed in your carry-on.

For short trips away, you can take the solid cologne and use it in your beard as well as just for fragrance. Leave those breakable cologne bottles at home.

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Beard oil contains a greater variety of natural oils, so has some additional benefits for your hair and skin compared to the solid cologne / balm.

It works best used daily when you get out of the shower.

The balm will condition your hair and skin, can be used as a replacement for spray on cologne, and is great for travel or topping up on the go.

Many of our customers use both:

"Wow!!!! Could not believe how good the products are. The oil smells great and works almost immediately. Softer beard n with a smooth aroma. The wax was a great top up for nights out." - Peter, Port Welshpool VIC

Now you know how they work and what the benefits are, the choice is yours!

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