7 Ways To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Olympic boxer (and fellow Melbournian) Harry Garside is an interesting guy.

A plumber by trade – he paints his nails, does ballet and was considering wearing a dress to the opening ceremony (he ultimately changed his mind).

Not what you would expect from a boxer. Or a plumber!

He’s good too – won bronze to become our first boxing medallist in over 30 years.

He said something during an interview that I personally relate to, and is the reason he does such things.

He wants to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Getting out of your comfort zone is often encouraged, but can be easier said than done!

Here are 7 tips that can help you achieve it, without painting your nails or putting on a dress.

Unless you want to of course...

1. Don’t wait for the perfect time

There isn’t one. Get started. Now!

2. Identify your ‘why’

Write it down.

If you get stuck, it will serve as a reminder of why you made this commitment to yourself.

3. If you think “I can’t do it” then you must do it

I forget who said this, but it’s great advice.

Notice and acknowledge the discomfort you feel when you start to move out of your comfort zone.

Then do it anyway.

4. Embrace failure

This is how we grow and succeed; by failing and trying again.

Did you ride a bike the first time you tried?

But how great did it feel when you got the hang of it…

5. Pat yourself on the back

This one is easy to forget, but you need to reflect on and reward yourself when you achieve a goal.

It helps build a positive feedback loop that will have you looking for the next thing to tackle.

6. Build a support network

Seek out family and friends who encourage and support you.
If your goal is an ambitious one, find a mentor who has walked the path ahead of you.

7. Stay away from the critics

They can, unfortunately, be quite close to you.

They resent your successes, and do their best to drag you back down to their level.

This tendency is a reflection of who they are, not who you are.

Recognise this and cheerfully send them on their way.

Be bold. Be Strong. Be A Legend.

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